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This is a blog that attempts to deliver positivity through (hopefully humorous) illustrated tips, stories and cakes. Mostly I am writing advice to myself because I'm really good at being not positive. Hopefully this will inspire me to choose to have more good days than crappy ones. Perhaps it will help you too.

Also, there are no goldfish in this blog.


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Donation Cards for Relay for Life

Update: Fundraising is now over and I'm taking down the card request form. Thank you so much to the folks who donated! 

You guys! I'm participating in Relay for Life! It's a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society in which teams of volunteers get together to raise money and have an overnight relay.

Here's the embarrassing part: the event I'm signed up for is happening TOMORROW! And I am asking for donations tonight, literally two hours before the actual date of my relay (July 14th, 2012). As you can see, my diabolical fundraising plan took longer to create than I had anticipated. Good job, Sach. 

Here's the good part: from what I understand, donations will be accepted through August, so I haven't really created a complete mess of this situation. If you would like to support me and make a donation to the American Cancer Society, please visit my personal fundraising page.

Here's the even gooder part: as a thank you, I'm giving handmade cards to anyone who's donated. If you know me, you will already know that I absolutely dominate handmade cards. This isn't some drugstore rubbish with images of kittens telling you to have a "purrrfect birthday." This is the product of hours of sketching, measuring, scanning, image editing and tedious X-acto blade work. These cards will make you feel like a wizard. That's right, A WIZARD! Here is photographic evidence of their magical properties: 

As you pull up on the front panel, the image will be in color. Push it back down again, and it returns to a black and white line drawing. Nifty, right? Here's a better quality image of the illustration:

The inside of the card says, "That's what you are." 

If you would like to receive a thank you card for your donation, you'll have to fill out this card request form I've set up. You can also find a link to it in the menu bar at the top of the site. It's labeled "Donation Cards."

You must fill out this form if you want a card. 

If you do not fill out the form, I will have no way of knowing how get it to you! So again, to reiterate this slightly inconvenient process:

Step 1 - Make a donation on my fundraising page.
Step 2 - Fill out the card request form.

Easy! That's all for now, folks. I really ought to go to bed now. Thanks for reading this hastily slapped together post.

Much love, 

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