Donation Cards for Relay for Life
Friday, July 13, 2012

Update: Fundraising is now over and I'm taking down the card request form. Thank you so much to the folks who donated! 

You guys! I'm participating in Relay for Life! It's a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society in which teams of volunteers get together to raise money and have an overnight relay.

Here's the embarrassing part: the event I'm signed up for is happening TOMORROW! And I am asking for donations tonight, literally two hours before the actual date of my relay (July 14th, 2012). As you can see, my diabolical fundraising plan took longer to create than I had anticipated. Good job, Sach. 

Here's the good part: from what I understand, donations will be accepted through August, so I haven't really created a complete mess of this situation. If you would like to support me and make a donation to the American Cancer Society, please visit my personal fundraising page.

Here's the even gooder part: as a thank you, I'm giving handmade cards to anyone who's donated. If you know me, you will already know that I absolutely dominate handmade cards. This isn't some drugstore rubbish with images of kittens telling you to have a "purrrfect birthday." This is the product of hours of sketching, measuring, scanning, image editing and tedious X-acto blade work. These cards will make you feel like a wizard. That's right, A WIZARD! Here is photographic evidence of their magical properties: 

As you pull up on the front panel, the image will be in color. Push it back down again, and it returns to a black and white line drawing. Nifty, right? Here's a better quality image of the illustration:

The inside of the card says, "That's what you are." 

If you would like to receive a thank you card for your donation, you'll have to fill out this card request form I've set up. You can also find a link to it in the menu bar at the top of the site. It's labeled "Donation Cards."

You must fill out this form if you want a card. 

If you do not fill out the form, I will have no way of knowing how get it to you! So again, to reiterate this slightly inconvenient process:

Step 1 - Make a donation on my fundraising page.
Step 2 - Fill out the card request form.

Easy! That's all for now, folks. I really ought to go to bed now. Thanks for reading this hastily slapped together post.

Much love, 

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